Mulled Wine


It has a spicy sweetness that heats you up during the colder months. Gluhwein actually dates back hundreds of years and the name itself, Gluhwein, translates to “glow-wine”, which makes perfect sense because once you drink it you definitely feel all warm or ‘glowy’.

Simple and delicious

Versunkener Apfelkuchen

It is a simple and delicious cake that is made with fresh apples and a simple batter that rises up and bakes around the apples. The name “versunkener” means “sunken” in German, which refers to the way the apples sink into the batter as the cake bakes.

Pork Knuckle


Schweinshaxe, also known as Eisbein in some regions, is a traditional German dish that consists of a roasted pork knuckle or ham hock. It's a hearty and flavorful dish that is popular in many parts of Germany, particularly in Bavaria.

German Cucumber Salad


This salad is served as a refreshing snack or side dish. You can peel the cucumber or just wash it to keep more vitamins. Dill and cucumber are a match made in heaven.

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BBQ Pork Neck

Thüringer Rostbrätl

Rostbrätl - a specialty dish from Thüringen - is a BBQ dish using pork neck and is paired with salad and served with a slice of dark rye bread and beer.

German Iced Coffee


Ice-cold coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream — That’s Eiskaffe in Germany!

Don’t mix it up with Iced coffee.

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