How long will my order take if the product isn’t in stock?

You may request a back order.  What this means is that you will order the product, pay for it and then the order will get made.  This would take a little over a week to get made and two weeks to ship.  In total please allow for three weeks (conservatively speaking) to receive your order.

Do you supply tracking?

Yes. Once we receive the payment for the order, we will ship your order.  Once we ship your order we will send you a tracking number for you to track your order.

Will the coronavirus affect my order?

Yes.  If you are shipping internationally please allow two more weeks, as some products will be randomly quarantined.  If your order is in stock and your order is planning to be shipped nationally across Australia, there will be no delays.  If your order has back orders, please allow for one extra week for shipping.  In this case, your order will take no longer than four weeks to arrive.

What is the return policy?

We will offer 30 day money back return, if your order is unopened and not damaged.  We will charge shipping if the package is opened or slightly damaged.

Is it safe to purchase products with a credit card?

Yes.  We have up to date security on our website.  Our website has SSL and is secured.  We do not store any card details.  You can be reassured that it is safe to buy with us.  If you are still unsure, there is another option.  You may do a direct deposit.  The details in how to perform this are below.

How does the direct deposit work?

This method of paying allows you to not pay with your credit card.  What this means is, we provide you with our banking details after you purchase an order with us.  Once you receive the details (which should be immediately after you order – and if not please email us) this allows you to deposit the required funds into our bank.  Please include your order number in the description.  Once we receive the funds, which is usually between 1-4 days (depending on the bank), we will email you to notify this and provide you with the details on your order delivery details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do.  The international shipping fees depends on the country.  Please email us if you would like to ship internationally.